Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is modern and beautiful, it will only compliment and add value to you home and project and a premium finish We There is vast range of colours and textured aggregate available from accredited manufacturers that will suit and match your envirnment and colour scheme.


Coloured & Decorative Concrete

Coloured & Decorative concrete is a great way to enhase your home finish or project and keeping the cost viable and affrodable.

Plain Concrete

Inexpensive and simple, but still beautiful with sharp lines and trouled finishes availible. Plain concrete is offen the most referred option by most home owners and can be the best solution for you. I

Pave Cut

Pave cut concrete finish provides a slate and paver outdoor look, either coloured or plain concrete can be used, then diamond saw cut for perfect lines, we also lay a protective sealer once finished for that extra durability long term.

Concrete House Slabs & Foundations – Footings

We have the equipment and experience to dig out the required site and remove all earth and take great pride and care to make sure all foundation work is done with precission and accuratles to the plan,

We will never compromise on quality and quantity of steel use, and ensure all steel meets the Australian stardards, our fixing is first class and we take our time to ensure this is done 110% on every job.

Our Site Coordinators and Team Leaders are the best in the business and have a very keen eye for effecientcy and attention to detail at all times.

Our Labourers are qualified and first class with continiuos skill upgrades every year and maintaining job productivity on every job. Our labourers take great pride in working and maintaining a clean, tidy and safe working environment at all times.


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